Where in the world is the most fun place o walk your dog?
I say Amsterdam as you never know what you might hear or see.
Just came home from a night stroll and I heard a lot.

Like the 3 middle age Swedish men standing red in their faces looking at the girls in the window and said.

“I dont think I can go in”…

Or the 9 big young men giggling like small girls coming out from one alley. Or the american who was drunk and was an expert on LSD and mushrooms. Too bad he does not know that the mushrooms actually are not sold in the headshops anymore here in The Netherlands.

Just one of these random walks where you here one and another thing.

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I have had a great week. A new friend came in to our lifes and we have had a blast.

been a greater tourist this week in Amsterdam than I ever been before. So much fun and a friendship for life.

I got a wonderful present before he left and it is really nice. Thanks a lot!!

A local Dutch artis Mark Raven paints these and prints on T shirts.

He mix the classic and the modern and he capture the imige of Amsterdam perfect.

You can visit his gallery on 2 places in Amsterdam, well worth a visit.


I really love Amsterdam.

It is now my home and everytime I have been somewhere else and comes back I feel it.This is home.

When I bicykle througnh the canals and bridges every morning to work I get reminded of how nice it is to live here.

People are friendly and the athmosphere is ver laid back. There is always something going on.

Cafes, pups, restaurants all over, you never go hungry a block in this town.

Take a trip here, explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam and be amazed.

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It is the time of the year again. November, not only that the autum now is here and the rain is setting in.

It is the month when it is time to raise tha awareness of prostate health among men aroud the world.

To many young men suffer from this and by contribute and raise awareness hopefully more can talk about it without shame and more research can be done.

As every year we have  a team that raises money for this cause. Check out http://nl.movember.com/en/team/1635021

We are current number 2 in The Netherlands. :)

Just at the moment I am doing my chocolte Mo lollies to sell this month.

So men Let the mustaches grow and woman- get a fake one or donate some for a good cause :) We can all contribute.

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