Changed plans

Things does not always go as you want when you travel by boat as I said yesterday.

Today we made the hard desicion to skip Sweden and do Holland for a few weeks. The propshaft is okay but we don`t relly trust it to go that far and we realized that we will have to less time when we finally arrive. It will be more work than vacation.

At the moment we are in Lauwerskoog and the weather is beautiful and we started at 05,00 from Vlieland this morning with destination Helgoland. We changed our mind a long the way though.

To be a great sailor does not mean that you should just know how to trim your sails or how to tie up nicely to a spot somewhere. It also includes making decisions for you and your crew what is best in the situation you are in. This is what we did, we made the decision to have a great vaction with o stress and explore new places around Holland. :)

I am a little sad that I won`t meet my parents and parents- in- law but I will fly to Sweden in a few months to say hi and stay for a few days. and all the nice food I was going to buy and all the candy i was supposed to eat, that I will miss for sure.

But it is the first day of my first vacation here in  Holland and it feels great. Below some pics from today.

Melvin sleeping  on deck after his food when approaching Lauwerskoog


ImageVlieland entranceImageLeaving Vlieland in sunrise.

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  1. Viking Queen said:

    Hi Carro,
    Sorry to hear of your disappointment, but a good piece of seamanship by you all. It just isn’t worth the risk if you don’t feel right. There will be plenty of time for the voyage north.
    Well done for being sensible and enjoy the Netherlands.

    Love to you, Danny Boy, Lars and Melvin xxxx

    • Everything feels great Poppy, thanks for caring. We have alot to explore here and we will prepare Happy Six for a trip next year. :)

      • Viking Queen said:

        No problem… I am happy that you are going to have a great summer and I know you will make it happen because you are all full of great life and spirit.

        Go Vikings!!!

      • hi. we need advise here. ca we sail to Leeuwarden you think from lauwersoog?

      • Viking Queen said:

        I’ve just consulted my charts and the depths around Leeuwarden are 1.95 metres. You are over 2 aren’t you?

        Might be tight…

      • yes… 2,20 we cannot go, we take the north sea to herlingen tomorrow morning.
        thanks Poppy

      • Viking Queen said:

        You’re welcome Carro. Should be a nice sail. At least the wind will work for you.
        You could sail down to Zeeland and then come up through Haarlem maybe? Whatever you decide, I wish you well and fair winds!

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